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For Physical Therapists: 3 Steps To Advertising Success

You can follow these 3 simple steps to make money and grow your practice with advertising,
or just keep flushing precious cash down the toilet while you hope and pray for results.
Which do you prefer?


For those of you who attended our most recent Marketing Boot Camp or completed the 5 hour video training, you know that […]

The 4 Greatest Physical Therapy Headlines of All Time

The 4 Greatest Physical Therapy Headlines Of All Time

4 Greatest Headlines
(CAUTION: It doesn’t work to just steal these headlines. The headline is THE BEGINNING of the strategy. Creating expectations with headlines means you have to deliver. You also need supporting content, and offers for the related educational materials).

7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your […]

Helping Physical Therapy Businesses Grow With A Monthly Service

Is $895 per month a good investment for guaranteed* double-digit growth in your PT practice?
Answer: Yes, read on. No, Click away.

 How We Help Physical Therapy Businesses Grow…

The PT Referral Machine (PTRM) is absolutely, the most complete and affordable marketing resource available for PT businesses, big and small. If you are good at what you do, […]

Learn What Physicians Won’t Tell You About The Marketing They DO Read

The PT Referral Machine $189 90-Minute Power Writing Workshop
 (90 minutes is all it takes to show you the same tested method we have refined over 8 years of trial and error spurring better and better physican response – really).

Anyone who is familiar with our practice growth strategies will tell you that we recommend […]

Why letters from PTs are now read by more physicians

Executive Letters From Physical Therapists Now Reach More Physicians

Thanks to technology, snail mail provides a better opportunity to be noticed

The number one objection (false) to spending money on physician referral letters is that they don’t get read, or even opened. And even if that were true, this may be the time to reevaluate that. […]

Physicians’ Waiting Rooms – A Great Place To Begin Capturing The Attention Of Your Prospective Patients

In the last Business Corner post, we talked about how to turn your special physical therapy knowledge and training into a competitive advantage by communicating your special approach to assessment and treatment in the marketplace. We looked at a quick example, and introduced the idea of featuring offers for additional educational information through your website […]

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McKenzie Physician Letter Update

As we continue develop concepts for communicating with physicians about the benefits of the MDT process, we wanted to announce some important updates. A new physician letter is now available that focuses on the centralization phenomenon.

Also, previous versions of the MDT executive letter series included oversized patient guides. Now there is an additional option to substitute 4″ […]

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